The key to learning a new language

Wouldn’t we all love to wake up one day and speak a new language? That surely sounds magnificent; nonetheless, as with any other new skill, the key to mastering a foreign language is consistency. When learning a new language, ideally, we should spend an hour or more every day hearing, reading and speaking our target language. For many who are taking language classes, this may be unrealistic due to busy schedules and also the money factor. However, taking at least two classes a week will greatly improve your chances of becoming fluent. In between classes you can practice on your own because remember, just like with anything else, practice makes perfect.
Once again, I cannot stress enough the importance of being consistent. If you start skipping classes, especially in the beginning, you might as well start all over. When you take a break of longer than a week, you will find it hard to remember where you had left off and you will have to spend quite some time reviewing vocabulary and grammatical rules and structures. In the end you are just wasting money and time.
Be patient, because acquiring a language does not happen overnight. Go slow and steady and you will achieve your goal, which means: set a schedule for your classes and stick to it. It will pay off in the end!


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