Tips for learning a new language

Don’t expect to be perfect! Making mistakes is part of the natural learning process. You may not remember, but when you were a baby and were learning to speak, you, too, made mistakes and your parents corrected you.  Think of learning a new language in this manner: you are a baby and are allowed to … Continue reading

The key to learning a new language

Wouldn’t we all love to wake up one day and speak a new language? That surely sounds magnificent; nonetheless, as with any other new skill, the key to mastering a foreign language is consistency. When learning a new language, ideally, we should spend an hour or more every day hearing, reading and speaking our target … Continue reading

The best way to learn a language

If you have a ever learned a foreign language, you know it is not a piece of cake. It may come easier to some than others, but, in general, I think we all agree that it is quite challenging. The most common suggestion for becoming fluent in a language is to spend a significant amount … Continue reading