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Choosing a language tutor in Miami

What do you look for in a language tutor? What is important to take into account when choosing a tutor for yourself or your child? If you want quality language tutoring in Miami, you need to do your research before making a decision. First of all, meet with the tutor. Some tutors charge a fee … Continue reading

The creator of the popular Macarena dance revealed!

Everyone, no matter what country they are from, seems to know how to dance the Macarena! But have you ever wondered where the popular version of the Macarena dance came from? The one we all have danced at parties, weddings or special occasions? After years of silence, the creator of the Macarena dance moves finally … Continue reading

Umambo Monthly Salsa Social in Miami

For those of you that love to shake it on the dance floor to hot latin music and sway in the arms of some of the best salsa dancers in Miami, Umambo has what you need! Umambo organizes a monthly salsa social that is not to be missed! For a low entrance fee of $15 … Continue reading

Alexandria becomes Hava Nagila Alexandria – the first Kosher bar in Miami

Whether you keep Kosher or not, this Mediterranean Restaurant Bar is perfect for a girls night out! It’s conveniently located on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Dixie Highway in Hollywood, FL, where you are sure to find a striking belly dancer performing on any given night. As you enter, you will immediately find yourself … Continue reading

Romantic Vegan dinner at Mi Vida Cafe

This is for all the vegans out there! Being vegan isn’t the easiest when it comes to dining out. If you are thinking of a romantic dinner with that special someone without having to worry about ordering from a menu full of meat dishes, then Mi Vida Cafe is a perfect solution. It’s a charming … Continue reading

Gastronomical journey to Peru

If you are into South American cuisine, one great place is El Gran Inka restaurant. You will find the interior warm and rustic, yet modern. Choose from a comfy booth or a table and go in for lunch, dinner or a drink and appetizers. You can choose between the open terrace or the spacious interior, … Continue reading

Romantic Boat tour in Miami

If you are into boats and enjoying the sunset on the water, this Valentine’s Day make reservations for a sunset cruise with your loved one! There are various companies out there that offer sunset cruises, but “Big Cat Boats and Watersports” is a great one because they take you all around Star Island on a … Continue reading

Umambo Monthly Social – February 24th, 2012

Salseros and Salseras, Umambo awaits you on Friday, February 24th to celebrate Mardi Gras. Beads and masks will be provided and, as usual, the low entrance price of $15 includes an open bar! (You also have the choice of bringing your own bottle and Umambo will provide cups, ice, soft drinks and juices.) This is … Continue reading

Tips for learning a new language

Don’t expect to be perfect! Making mistakes is part of the natural learning process. You may not remember, but when you were a baby and were learning to speak, you, too, made mistakes and your parents corrected you.  Think of learning a new language in this manner: you are a baby and are allowed to … Continue reading

The key to learning a new language

Wouldn’t we all love to wake up one day and speak a new language? That surely sounds magnificent; nonetheless, as with any other new skill, the key to mastering a foreign language is consistency. When learning a new language, ideally, we should spend an hour or more every day hearing, reading and speaking our target … Continue reading